Port Gamble Maritime Music Festival

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2023 Performers

Fae Wiedenhoeft and her Seattle band, SeaStar, have played all over the Pacific Northwest and toured 10 countries (and counting). Fae writes her songs with a fusion of Celtic, Folk, Maritime, Americana, and Bluegrass, with echoes of psychedelic rock. Fae and SeaStar do not fit into one genre. They love it all. SeaStar is Fae Wiedenhoeft, Captain Chambers, Michael Falcone, and Ron Allen.

Shanghaied on the Willamette
Shanghaied on the Willamette is the lively musical duo of Jonathan Lay and Gordy Euler, performing songs and tunes "plundered from land and sea," on a range of instruments. They especially love the music of seas and waterways, and have performed traditional Celtic, English, and American music, along with their own songs, at the festivals, pubs, and concert halls all around the Pacific Northwest.

Blue Heron Canoe Family
Blue Heron Canoe sings and tells stories that educate and increase the understanding of traditional values of the People of the Cedar and the Coast Salish people.

Rye and Barley
Bob Nash and Todd Erler have been playing as Rye and Barley, for over fifteen years, performing over 200 shows, and have carved out their own genre of fast paced traditional Irish tunes, sea chanties, and pub pleasing songs. They use a mixture of guitars, bouzouki, mandolin, ukulele, bodhran, hand drums and harmonica for a varied, entertaining and never boring performance with lots of audience participation.

Performers From Past Festivals

Gordon Bok
Gordon Bok grew up around the boatyards of Camden, Maine where he worked on a variety of vessels, from passenger schooners to yachts. He learned many tunes, sea songs, stories, legends and ballads from the people he worked with, and he began to write his own. He has made over 30 recordings, and performed extensively in the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Gordon received an honorary Doctorate of Science from the Maine Maritime Academys.

Bold Horizon
Bold Horizon is a dynamic folk trio, performing eclectic, slightly irreverent nautical and old-timey music; songs that reflect the American experience, strength and hope; sea chanteys, ballads, British, Irish and American tunes; songs of the forests and sea.... plus a few rock/pop tunes from the fifties and sixties; played by three of the Northwest's favorite musicians.

These women know how to serve up a chantey in salty and authentic style while weaving the enchanting harmonies that bring out the best in maritime music. Their haunting songs will have you longing for the age of sail and the rolling deck under your feet. Come listen to touching ballads, rollicking chanteys and hilarious songs of drinking and other merriment.

Tugboat Bromberg
After sailing for 23 years in the Merchant Marines, as an Able Seaman and Quartermaster, Tugboat Bromberg finally settled in the great state of Washington, on the Kitsap Peninsula. He has been in the music scene for many years as a singer and songwriter, doing a variety of musical styles from country and bluegrass, to nautical and piratical music. His expressive growling vocals bring humor and drama to some unusual maritime tunes.

Budd Bay Buccaneers
This infamous crew held Northwest audiences captive with swashbuckling songs and rousing shanties before selling their pirate ship, the Banshee (a portable stage) and dispersing to wallow in their loot at various undisclosed locations. You may still catch occasional sightings of former buccaneers wherever music is found in the Northwest.

Cannery Underground
A Guemes Island/Anacortes based group specializing in original Northwest folk music with a touch of humor, a nautical twist, and a large repertoire of traditional and contemporary songs.

Captain Matt & Tugboat
Combine a local songwriter and performer, born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, with a retired Able Seaman and Quartermaster from the Merchant Marines, now settled on the Kitsap peninsula. Now you've got "Captain Matt & Tugboat", performing their own mix of maritime music - country, piratical, original, and all.

Hank Cramer
Hank Cramer is one of the best-loved folksingers in the American West. He’s known for his booming bass voice, smooth picking on a vintage flat-top guitar, and a wry sense of humor. Hank’s repertoire is a mix of original, traditional, and contemporary folk songs. They tell the stories of cowboys, sailors, soldiers, miners, adventurers, and just plain drifters. That fits with Hank’s life story: he has been an underground miner, a professional soldier, shanty-man on a square-rigged sailing ship, wrangler for a high-country outfitter, and a world traveler. Those experiences make Hank’s music ring with a special authenticity.

Curlew's Call
Curlew’s Call is a Celtic and Maritime band based in Olympia, WA, playing rollicking songs and tunes at Irish pubs, festivals, and private events around the Northwest.

The Cutters
The Cutters were a traditional and contemporary folk band based in the Pacific Northwest that played music in maritime, Celtic, and American styles. Philip and Teresa Morgan formed the band in the early ’90s. Over the years it featured artists such as Hank Cramer, Steve Guthe, Kelley Kenison, and Sophia Segal. In 2006, the band consisted of Philip Morgan on vocals, guitar, banjo, and Irish whistle, Teresa Morgan on vocals, guitar, and percussion, Arwen Morgan on vocals and fiddle, and Tyler Morgan on vocals and electric bass. The Cutters released four albums.

The Drunken Maidens
Traditional folk songs and strong female harmonies with occasional original works and instrumental pieces. Lori Bellamy, Liz Savage, Helen Gilbert, Elaine Bradtke, and Cat Fox were brought together through their love of British dance and folk music. Joining forces as The Drunken Maidens they walk on the tipsy side of life with tight harmonies, good Scotch and dark tea.

Mary Garvey
Mary Garvey is one of the Northwest’s most acclaimed and prolific songwriters. Her songs have been recorded by Gordon Bok and many others. Her songs celebrate maritime culture, especially that of the coast of southeastern Washington State and the lower Columbia River.

Gilbert & McHagar
If tall ships were still plying the seas, Gilbert and McHagar would have been seen scampering about the rigging. Whether it's a ballad or a work song, they can take a listener back to when these songs could be heard on the high seas. Their vocals, often backed by guitar, harmonica, bodhran, ukulele, and an occasional banjo, make for a delightful family (or a more raucous) evening of entertainment; and they love audience participation.

Happenstance is a popular band from Port Townsend, who stir up a storm and help blow away the old cobwebs with their own unique style of upbeat, traditional songs from the British Isles. They refer to themselves as "very eclectic" and lots of fun. Be prepared to join in on lively choruses, and dance in the aisles to some classics such as Marie’s Wedding and New York Girls.

Mike and Val James
Mike and Val James bring a jazz influence to maritime music. Their repertoire includes traditional folk, jazz standards, 60s favorites, and kid's music, but they can easily bring out a full set of nautical tunes. They recorded two CDs of maritime music with 'Constellation’s Crew', an assemblage of Northwest musicians led by Hank Cramer.

The Johnson Girls
The Johnson Girls is an energetic all-woman a cappella ensemble, performing traditional and contemporary music with an emphasis on songs of the sea and shore. With a sound that has been called "exciting," "haunting," and "uplifting,". rousing work songs, haunting ballads and laments, and hair-raising harmonies, The Johnson Girls have performed at major festivals, clubs, coffeehouses, and more across the United States, Canada, the UK, Ireland, and Europe.

Wendy Joseph
Singer-Songwriter, Able Seaman, and Shantyman, Wendy Joseph has crewed the tall ship Lady Washington, the Virginia V, the Adventuress, and a WWII freighter; she has sailed from the Bering Sea to the Straits of Gibraltar in modern ships. Along the way, she sailed through typhoons, hurricanes, and pirate waters. Maritime, U.S. and Irish history all figure in her songs. She holds Masters degrees in English from UCLA and the UW, is an award-winning poet, and a produced playwright. In 2006, she won First Prize at the Seattle Maritime Festival's "Songs and Stories of the Sea" contest, and she can say "Arrgh!" in six languages. Wendy has written new, catchy seafaring tunes and knows all the old favorites. One of her songs appeared on the Northwest Tugboat Tales CD.

Larry Kaplan
Larry Kaplan has a clear tenor voice, a unique lyrical guitar style, and an engaging and interactive stage presence – but he is best known for his song writing. He writes ballads telling stories of real people, past and present, seemingly simple but truly profound. He is a skilled multi-instrumentalist and singer, who crewed on various Maine schooners and who helped restore the historic arctic schooner The Bowdoin. He was raised in Maine and Massachusetts, and has helped preserve the maritime music collected by Gale Huntington for performers, scholars, and collectors. His songs have been recorded by Gordon Bok, Cindy Kallet, and many others, and include "Old Zeb", "Song for Gale", and "The Wreck of The Bay Rupert".

Kessler and Perasso
Joining their broad and eclectic collections of songs together, David Kessler and David Perasso sing Northwest, Northeast, and international songs with gusto and good harmony.

McKenzie Briar
McKenzie Briar is Kathi McKenzie and Donni Briar, a singer songwriter team based in the Pacific Northwest.

Known for her performance teaching of maritime history and lore for schools and museums, Mariide has one of the most powerful and saltiest voices around. She has been a mainstay of the Northwest maritime music scene since its beginnings. She was the founder of St. Elmo’s Choir, and was one of the original members of the Victory Sings at Sea group.

A longstanding social justice and environmental activist, Mariide’s musical roots are in the 1960's Seattle folk scene. In 1966 she became the open-mic host at the Last Exit, a happening that set the benchmark for Seattle open mics. She is known for her witty songwriting on political and social themes.

Matthew Moeller
Matthew writes and sings songs on the NW, its people, the ships and the shore (including clams). He is a true son of the NW, having been born and raised there. That may explain his love of the rain and foggy days. He also has an undying love of the water and boats. He restored and lived abord a classic 1930s craft for years with his lovely wife and two cats.

Mutiny!, Shilshole Bay's premier pirate band, has been proudly serving drunken sailors since 2018. With their unique blend of maritime classics and award-winning original songs, they put a modern twist on vintage flair. With performances that mix traditional sounds with good humor, Mutiny!'s buccaneer spirit will truly leave you believing "it's a pirate's life for me"!

Northshore Ramblers
Father/daughter duo Bob Jackson and Lynn Applegate have been singing and playing folk music together for over 40 years. Bob is an accomplished banjo and guitar player who enjoys playing sea shanties, bluegrass, folk music, and comedic songs. Lynn specializes in contemporary folk music and re-configuring traditional music of all genres.

Tania Opland and Mike Freeman have been touring the world since 1994 with a unique and eclectic mix of songs in several languages and acoustic music played on a variety of instruments, including hammered dulcimer, guitar, recorders, cittern, violin, Native American flute and percussion. Their show features traditional and self-penned material, all presented with wit and style - guaranteed to provide an evening of great music and entertainment for all, especially those seeking something just a little off the beaten track. Mike's irreverent sense of humor and Tania's stunning vocals provide the springboard for a rollercoaster ride across several continents and back again.

Jon Pfaff
A self-proclaimed refugee from Seattle's 1960s folk music scene, Jon Pfaff is a notable exception to most everything. As a classically trained musician, he has conducted choirs, sung in major choral programs, and performed with folk groups like the Talismen Trio in the early 1960s, the Runcible Spoons in the late 1990s, and the Halibutts. Jon casts a wide musical net, as he is also a member of the Vancouver (Canada) Folk Song Society Shanty Crew and frequent collaborator with Northwest Folklife. He occasionally performs with Chris Roe as the duo Fairweather Friends.

Phinney Ridge Rumrunners
Exciting maritime music with Trapper Graves-Lalor's lively soprano voice and the blues-tinted vocals and hot guitar playing of Steve Lalor.

Pint and Dale
With extraordinary vocals and guitar, octave mandolin, Irish pennywhistles, percussion and the exotic sounds of the vielle-à-roue or hurdy gurdy, William Pint & Felicia Dale bring an energetic and contemporary spirit to their material.

Piper Stock Hill
Seattle's only band devoted to the music of Newfoundland! Old, new and original folk tunes and ballads about fishing, black rum, boats, sealing, cod, and stories of people whose lives are entwined with the sea.

Tom Rawson
"I have a banjo and I'm not afraid to use it!"  Tom Rawson is a friendly, banjo-playing folkie who’s guaranteed to have you singing along and will leave you smiling.

Dan Roberts
Dan has an extensive knowledge of Northwest maritime history and music, and is a skilled writer and editor. Raised in the Bay Area, graduate of Pomona College, Dan Roberts also studied opera and received the training that makes his voice one of the most notable and powerful in the folk music community. Dan’s repertoire spans centuries, and his voice spans three octaves. He is a veteran of the Victory at Sea chantey group, member of the Seattle Labor Chorus, as well as the bands Bold Horizon and The Whateverly Brothers. Dan was employed at the non-profit organization Northwest Seaport from 1997-2006, where he managed the music program and led ship tours, and was largely responsible for re-establishing the Northwest Seaport Chantey Sing in 2000.

Chris Roe
A wonderfully talented singer and instrumentalist, performing maritime, traditional, and original songs with an engaging voice and a charming stage presence.

Sanger sans Didele
Madcap mariners "The Great" Sanger & Didele add laughs to a salty brew of sea songs and merriment. They use their musical skills to expose the hilarious side of maritime music, respecting musical traditions by showing no respect whatsoever. This comedy duo regales their fans with twisted versions of classic sea shanties and zany songs of an unknown parentage.

Shanghaied on the Willamette
Shanghaied on the Willamette is the lively musical duo of Jonathan Lay and Gordy Euler, performing songs and tunes "plundered from land and sea," on a range of instruments. They especially love the music of seas and waterways, and have performed traditional Celtic, English, and American music, along with their own songs, at the festivals, pubs, and concert halls all around the Pacific Northwest.

Shifty Sailors
The Shifty Sailors are a men's chantey chorus from Whidbey Island, Washington. While male chantey choruses are popular in Europe, they are one of the few such groups in the United States. They sing a variety of songs having to do with seafaring, and are well-known by many in the Northwest for their enthusiastic and crowd-pleasing presentations. They have performed in Poland and in the Czech Republic where they represented the U.S. at the International Festival of Shanty Music in Prague.

Helen Shilladay
Helen is a traditional English singer with a powerful voice, who's repertoire of ballads and sea shanties span the bawdy, the jolly, the melancholy, and the raucous - songs of love betrayed, crimes of passion, disaster, and drinking and carousing. Originally from the historic port city of Liverpool, Helen moved to British Columbia 10 years ago and has performed at many concerts and festivals across the Pacific Northwest. She lives on the beautiful island of Gabriol.

Spanaway Bay
"Hometown and International performers singing old and new songs of the sea."  From the rocky shores of Spanaway Bay, south of the Puget Sound and directly above the center of the earth, sail the rollicking folk duo Spanaway Bay. Kent and Carol have been engaging audiences throughout the Puget Sound with an eclectic mélange of Maritime, Celtic, English, and American folk songs.

J. W. Sparrow
"American Balladeer" John Sparrow writes and sings songs about the Northwest and America, stories of people and places, ships and trains, everyday people and extraordinary lives.

Strikes A Bell
"Strikes A Bell sings sea chanteys and maritime music. Based in Seattle, Washington, Strikes A Bell is regularly seen and heard at the monthly Northwest Seaport Chantey Sing, Northwest Folklife Festival, Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival, Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival, and other maritime events around the Puget Sound area.

Alex Sturbaum
Alex is a one-of-a-kind performer and songwriter. Steeped in musical traditions from both sides of the Atlantic, he sings shanties, plays bluegrass, and writes amazing songs that you’d swear are a hundred years old. Old ballads, contra dance tunes Irish, Scottish, Canadian, and more, His love for the music and joy in playing it is evident in every note he plays.

Time & Tide
Bainbridge Island's Time & Tide consists of vocal trio Simon ffitch, Becky ffitch, and Ann Lovejoy, with guitar and bass backup. This engaging group combines original arrangements, tight harmonies, and lean instrumentation as they perform traditional ballads and favorite songs. They love to share their music with audiences of all ages and encourage audience participation.

Watch the Sky
A consistent presence in the Seattle area folk music scene since 1991, Chris Glanister, Jan Elliott-Glanister, and Joe Wagner bring Celtic verve to traditional, contemporary, and original ballads and pub songs. Rich, tight vocal harmonies are their trademark, backed by driving rhythms and sweet whistle riffs.

Whateverly Brothers
Drawing from a rich and varied musical history, The Whateverly Brothers harken to the folksinger tradition that "No musical style is sacred." Hoist anchor! Raise the glass! Sing along!

Tim Wittman
Tim Wittman comes from Guemes Island, near Anacortes. He has been involved in music since the mid-1960s, and in 2010 formed a group called Cannery Row with his sister Pam (Wittman) Hobson and her husband Greg Hobson. The group was geared toward writing and performing Tim's original compositions, including a song about the Wawona, and a song about the tug Enchantress which appeared on the Northwest Tugboat Tales CD. Cannery Row was succeeded by Cannery Underground, a maritime/folk rock duo with Dave Perkins.

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